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Did you know Winston?

If you are a fan of ours on Facebook, then you most certainly have seen LOTS of Winston pics! All but his first couple months of life, were spent in our flower shop! He was born June 21, 2003 and we adopted him in August 2003 from Pets Inc.  His full name was – “Winston Jefferson Ishmael Abignale Pryor”. We found that we really liked the name “Winston” after visiting “Winston Flowers” in Boston during a trip there to see my brother in early 2000. So, when it came to figuring out his name, that one seemed to fit, especially given the fact that he would be a flower shop dog! As for his other names, they are a combination of character names from different movies. He was a “shop dog” but technically he was only allowed in the shop after hours. He got a little too excited around other people and wasn’t quite calm and relaxed enough to be around customers. As you can see in one of the pictures below, he liked to sneak into the shop sometimes and pretend like he was invisible so we wouldn’t send him back to his cage (especially during storms)! He occasionally got to go on deliveries, as you will see in this video.  He was not fond of the flower barn for some reason (maybe he thought we would put him to work) but he would stop by to say hello sometimes, as long as it was a brief visit! During business hours, he spent his days napping and relaxing in his roomy crate behind closed doors and usually stayed very quiet. He had quite the personality and gained several fans over the years! Some very nice people even brought him gifts. How nice! We sure were glad to have him around and glad that he was part of our family! It might be hard to tell, but he was very camera shy and it usually took several attempts to get good pictures. We hope you have enjoyed getting to know a little more about Winston.

We said goodbye to our buddy Winston on July 14, 2017. He is missed every day!

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