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What is Jim E. up to?

If you are friends with Jennifer on facebook then you find out a lot about Jim Pryor and all of his various activities and interests that way! He is always busy doing something! His full name is James Edward Pryor Jr. and goes by Jim, Jimmy or Jim E. 🙂  His title at White House Florist is “Director of Operations“. Within that capacity he is responsible for ordering fresh flowers, plants and all of the many supplies it takes to run a florist. This keeps him quite busy dealing with many vendors by phone calls, texts and emails on a daily basis. In addition to that, he is also responsible for managing our floral delivery business. This also keeps him quite busy with multiple daily routes serving the Columbia/Lexington area.

He actually starts his day at 2AM to go to work at UPS Air Hub on the sunrise shift. He works with the heavy freight crew and even though it is very early and they are working hard, he has a good time with his buddies out there! As soon as his shift is over he comes home and quickly changes clothes, grabs breakfast and starts his flower shop duties!

In his spare time (haha), he is also a farmer. He has a beautiful vegetable garden on the property every year and we certainly enjoy the fruits of his labor! He also has several chickens and we definitely enjoy the organic eggs they provide for us! He would love to add more farm animals one day! He also loves to fish any chance he gets and is always on the hunt for the best spot to wet a hook!

We hope you have enjoyed getting to know about Jim! Maybe he can start giving tours on the property and show everyone what he is up to!


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