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Retail Success Summit

Hey there! It’s Jennifer. I had the privilege of attending my first Retail Success Summit put on by WhizBang! Training this past week. It was a retail training conference for store owners held in Grand Rapids, MI at DeVos Place. There were 500 independent retailers in attendance and it was awesome! I learned a lot and took many pages of notes, met several retailers and came back with a list of action items! A successful trip indeed! I came back inspired to make our business better for YOU, our customers! One of the highlights of my trip was hearing Ari Weinzweig speak. He is the CEO and co-Founding partner of Zingerman’s. I found their mission statement to be quite inspiring –“We share the Zingerman’s Experience – Sell food that makes you happy – Giving service that makes you smile – In passionate pursuit of our mission – Showing love and care in all our actions – To enrich as many lives as we possibly can.” Wow- if you are ever in Ann Arbor, MI – check them out! I took a few pictures while I was there that I have included. It was fun hanging out with my fellow florist friends Kevin and Georgianne Vinicombe from New Jersey and we even got a picture with Bob and Susan Negen, the founders of WhizBang! Training. Well, I better get back to work on my to-do list! Thanks for reading!

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