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The Loft

Preparations for the upcoming Holiday Season have begun! As many of you know, we opened up the loft (the upstairs part of the flower barn) for the Holiday Open House last year and it stayed open until Christmas. Prior to that, we had been using it for storage only and since we needed more display space, we decided to open it up to customers. This year we wanted to “spruce it up” a little. So, earlier in the summer, we had a wall built so a portion could remain storage space and then have the front part as the display area. This week the rest of the renovation project was completed. They installed luan on the walls, reinforced the floor, added trim around the windows and installed light fixtures. It looks so much better, but still rustic! The other neat thing about renovating this space is that we can also use it for workshops and classes throughout the year! Hmm, we better start planning some! 🙂

So, now that the renovation project is done, it’s time for us to get busy pricing the new merchandise and putting our displays together. It should all be ready in time for our Holiday Open House this year! You do have it on your calendar, right?? Tuesday, November 12th from 4-8pm and Sunday, November 17th from 12-4pm. You can pick whichever date suits you or you can come to both!!


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